Communication and teamwork
has never been easier and more
integrated into processes that
generate added value.

Business Social by B-NOVO is the new game
changing business management platform, bringing
the social way of collaboration between employees
inside your company.


Start the Business Social experience!


Business Social for Logistics v1

Freight forwarding process has always been very dependent on sharing information within the organization. Business Social centralizes cargo and client information, creating the sharing experience. Data safety, time management and mobility features work to enhance the ultimate social management experience.


Business Social for Project Management

Project management is inherently a social role, with communication and time management at its core. We at B-NOVO understand the value of effective project management. Business Social brings the PM experience to the next level by merging together technical and social aspects of management into an organic process with communication at the center.


Business Social for Services

The ever-growing construction service sector has its process management demands and B-NOVO supplies! Business Social, with integrated resource planning and management, provides the centralized database and tools to accurately manage orders, resource allocations, invoicing and more. Business Social platform for services brings the experience to another level with its communication and management tools combined into flawless process.


Experience the social way of managing
business processes and allow your
employees to always stay online
without restrictions.

Business Social features

Internal communication experience

Rapid communication process

Organized newsfeed

Integrated chat and messaging functions

Instant client information analysis and systemization

Efficient workload management

Centralized data

Clear organizational structure

Structured document management

We think you’ll love having

Everything you need in one system

We are trusted

We have over 1500 loyal clients. They trust us for long-term cooperation.

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